Loogma - Call nearby chefs

If you are a talented chef and you need to reach new customers? Loogma is the spot where chefs and other members get connected. Become one of our greatest chefs and let people discover your delicious dishes easily.

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Browse nearby chefs in a few seconds

Loogma allows you to choose from great variety of chefs nearby you. Discover their meals and preview their profiles. Contact them easily with one click. Loogma made it easy for everybody.

Interact with cards for better results

Swipe the card right if you like the chef's meals or left if you are not interested. You can save the chef's card, and share it on the social media platforms.

View the chef's meals, reviews, and cooking recipes' videos

Check all the chosen chef's meal photos, users' reviews, and the recipes' videos. You can also review and rate the chef.

Contact or become a chef

Contact your favorite chefs or become a great chef and share your recipes with other members.

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